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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back To School and Straight into Success!!!!

As a mother of three boys, I too understand the monotonous routines of everyday life managing school bags, text books, dress shoes, gym shoes, field shoes, flip flops, basketballs, bouncy balls, Legos, Monskeys, dishes, snacks, towels, dirty underwear, candy wrappers, are you starting to get the image of my household!?!?!?!

There are several design do's and don'ts that can make or break your school year to be one of success, happiness, daisies and rainbows or one of frustration, time consumption, grudges and exhaustion.  Yes, your space alone can dictate a happy mommy exuding love, compassion and peace or that crazy woman who randomly (well not really randomly because we know what triggers her) appears and sounds like gurgling monsters when her mouth opens, looks like a washed up, wet seagull and makes her entire family feel like they are living out their worst nightmare.

Mudrooms are miracle makers.  Designated study areas create structure and ownership of work.  Bedrooms designed strictly for sleeping promote a balanced lifestyle and peaceful rest.  A successful entertainment room keeps the friends-a-coming and the parents-a-watching.  A user-friendly kitchen promotes family time, intimate conversations and a sense of belonging to an intimate, comfortable unit.

Check out our site on FaceBook to redeem the BACK TO SCHOOL promotion!  With less than three weeks left to get in on the action, act now!  JBIA, LLC will do wonders to your space.  Don't have room for a mudroom?  Don't worry, there are alternative solutions that are just as effective.  Don't have the extra space for an entertainment room?  I will show you ways to create your living room in a manner that promotes a transitional space and can have the same results!  Where there's a will, there's a way!  Book Today!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


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Preparing for Summer -Mamagreen

Each week JBIA, LLC will feature one of the many great outdoor furnishing companies it has access to. This weeks feature is amongst the chic'est... Mamagreen Outdoor Furniture:
Mamagreen is a Belgian brand founded in 2006 and now is the fastest growing sustainable outdoor furnishing company in the world. Known for its contemporary lines, our products are hand made from FSC certified reclaimed teak, eco-friendly, nontoxic synthetics, recycled/recyclable stainless steel and powder coated aluminum. This combination of materials and design sets Mamagreen apart from the competition.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Preparing for Summer-Janus et Cie

Each week JBIA, LLC will feature one of the many great outdoor furnishing companies it has access to. This weeks feature is amongst the favorites... Janus et Cie:

Discriminating taste in design demands the utmost attention to detail. We at JANUS et Cie have traveled the world…to bring you creativity and innovation, fine materials and lasting quality. Our singular goal is to deliver the best in casual furnishings, each piece an example of beautiful design and superior craftsmanship.

Our products add a distinctive look to the world’s finest private and public settings: residences, estates, parks, gardens, hotels, libraries, shopping centers, food courts, theme parks, restaurants, universities, museums, hospitals, country clubs, fine ships and yachts.

JANUS et Cie provides more than furniture. Our expert staff serves both personal and professional clients with creativity and efficiency, offering elegant solutions to every design situation. We are ready to advise on the placement of a single piece or the outfitting of an entire project.

We are inspired by you and the future. Our 32 year history has evolved naturally, bringing the best of design and quality to our valued clients worldwide. JANUS et Cie’s commitment to excellence continues.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Turning a new leaf...

Today marks the launching of JBIA, LLC's official webpage, ! As exciting as this is in turning over a new leaf for the company, today's blog will touch on the importance of putting out not just good but great product!

You've heard the cliche a thousand times over, the world wide web is the modern day store front. Be sure to keep this in mind when working on a web page. As you "stroll" past the dozens of storefront windows laid out before you, does any particular one catch your eye in such a way as to entice you to come inside and experience it? The opening Home Page of your website should do just that. Invite your guests to be curious, attracted and wanting to see more! Does JBIA do that for you? Did you enjoy your visit? Are there some things you think could be done differently or better? My company mission is to please you, to provide eye candy that opens your mind to unforseen possibilities, hopes, dreams and expectations.

Share with me some of your thoughts. Tell me your emotion as you experience my storefront and its contents. Change is the key ingredient to success!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Going for the O

This week's mission is to get J.B.I.A., LLC's three minute segment up for Oprah's OWN network where she is awarding one lucky winner the opportunity to have their own show. Once the link is posted, we will be sure to let you know so that you can go online and vote for Jessica Brown as the winner! Stay tuned, we'd let you know what the idea is but confidentiality people! Wish us luck!